Redesigning the order detail section in Merqueo's app

UX / UI Design

Project Overview

Merqueo is the first online grocery retail in Colombia. The user don’t have the information they need and contact customer support for basic questions of their orders

The Goals

Improve the anxiety index of the user (the number of times the user saw the order details) and giving them all the information they need to avoid contact with customer support and improve the response time of unsolved tickets.
Thumbnail for the redesign of the order details I made when I worked at Merqueo as a Product UX UI Designer

The approach

Problem definition

The information that was shown to the user was too basic and doesn't answer all the doubts that they had once the order was placed. At that moment the information showed was:

  • Order status (Received, Prepared, On the way, Delivered)
  • The delivery schedule they selected (Time window)
  • Button with product details
Merqueo Redesign UX UI Order Details by Daniel Peñaloza


To find out what our users needed, I conducted interviews and read ratings they wrote on the App Store and Play Store, as well as those they wrote on the NPS. There was information missing in the order details that was very important for users such as:

  • Selected payment method
  • Address to which the order was made
  • To be able to change the person who receives the order
  • Help center to manage yourself in case of any change
  • Share your order list (in case you are not the person who receives the order)


We needed to change the information architecture of this screen and for this, we started it from scratch. We realized that we could make this screen have as many modules as the business needed in the future and likewise give the Marketing or Sales teams the possibility to have cross-selling items or informational (tutorial) modules where the client can be informed about new products, features, or personalized messages.

After this, we did user testing to find out which modules we were proposing were the ones that made the most sense to people.

Merqueo Redesign UX UI Order Details Information Architecture by Daniel Peñaloza

Visual Design

After knowing what information should be and the order in which we should present it, we could now make the interface mockup (UI Design) and do the last tests with users to finish validating our solution.


By lowering the number of customer service tickets by 25%, customer service agents had two extra hours per week to deal with inquiries about changes in orders.


Customer service tickets


Extra per week per agent